Nail Price Market Update – Concerns Persist - Apr 27, 2022 

Now may be the right time to buy surplus stock before prices jump up again. The war in Ukraine is affecting global steel and raw material supplies. Later this summer antidumping duties will be imposed on nail imports from five countries, which could further restrain supply and drive up prices.; Nature’s Packaging Launches EPD Explainer Video: This video explains the critical role that pallets play in the supply chain, and reviews why the sustainable performance of pallets matters as pallet companies communicate with customers.; OSHA Develops Emphasis Program for Heat Hazards: A key part of the program, OSHA will proactively initiate inspections in over 70 high-risk industries in indoor and outdoor work settings when the National Weather Service has issued a heat warning or advisory for a local area, on days when the heat index is 80° F or higher.; See the Latest in Automation, Prep for the Future at Expo Richmond 2022: Many suppliers will have physical models on display and some will even run live demonstrations. About 300 exhibitors are expected to be showcasing technology for logging, sawmilling, pallet manufacturing, pallet recycling, drying, scanning, materials handling and more.; The Recycle Record Issues Correction on CHEP Revised ARP Story: The Recycle Record take its role of reporting accurate information seriously and will always work to correct any inaccuracies that arise as quickly and professionally as possible.