Why the Disconnect? - May 27, 2022 

If you follow Wall Street, stocks and financial news, you would expect that pallet demand is starting to drop. So, why are pallet suppliers still so busy? We'll take a look at some economic trends and try to figure out what is going on. There are two main driving factors for current pallet demand – housing and retail sales.; Brambles Takeover Bid Stalls: CVC Capital Partners has discontinued its discussions in regard to its unsolicited proposal to acquire all of the shares of the company citing the current external market volatility.; Millwood Acquires Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate, Inc.: CCPC was founded by Mike Broeckel, who wanted the company to be a place where young people from his community and church could work and grow in their faith as well as having a tradition of hiring second-chance people or those who found it difficult to work for other manufacturing companies.