PLA Buys Propak; Makes Major Splash in Pallet Management and Core Market - Jun 28, 2022 

Pallet Logistics of America (PLA) has been going under the radar in the battle between 48forty Solutions and Kamps Pallets for supremacy in the recycled pallet market. In the battle to control more core supply, Propak manages a third of Walmart’s network. PLA is backed by private equity, and is a portfolio company of Silver Oak Services Partners, LLC.; Is Supply Chain Data Pointing Toward a Recession?: A slowdown in consumer spending caused by inflation and a potential recession will have a massive impact on freight demand and prolong an inventory drawdown. So far, pallet demand has remained robust for pallet producers.; Recycle Bits: Building permits decreased 7% on a month-over-month basis in May. OSHA wants companies to realize that heat can kill. Brambles has committed to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. 48forty Solutions is strengthening its position in the West. MMH magazine recently wrote, the pallet supply-demand balance is out of whack and not expected to right itself soon.