Brambles Says No to Plastic Pool Plunge - Jul 27, 2022 

The parent company of CHEP USA, has made the decision not to launch a large plastic pool in the United States for its retail partner, Costco Wholesale Corp. after the retailer announced a number of years ago its intention to switch to plastic pallets in the future. The company’s stock price has been up ever since the plastic pallet launch decision was made.; Canadian Officials Update ISPM-15 HT Program Policies: One major change allows Canadian pallet producers to use foreign lumber and wood material as part of the country’s official ISPM-15 program. Probably the most important rule revision deals with repaired HT pallets.; Recycle Bits: NWPCA fall plant tour held October 18-19 in Augusta, Georgia. CWPCA announced the election of Vic Ulgiati of Weston Forest Products as the president of the association. Global Cold Chain News recently reported that used pallet demand is skyrocketing in the UK. Pallet Logistics of America has officially rebranded as PLA. Wynnchurch Capital has acquired FCA Packaging LLC from Delos Capital.