California Recognizes Recycler Rights, Sets Precedent for Other Localities to Follow - Oct 28, 2022 

In September, California has passed AB1760, which gives recyclers the ability to act if an owner of a proprietary pallet doesn’t arrange for transport/collection in a timely manner. It could put more pressure on pallet owners to act faster, pay more and in some cases, collect less-than-truckload quantities of stray pallets.; Pallet Survey Identifies Used Pallet Challenges and Service Opportunities: There were no real surprises in the results this year. Wood remains king of the supply chain even though used pallets were harder to find and poorer quality than in the past.; WPA Webinar Series Rewind – Pallet Industry Trends: Chaille Brindley, pallet industry journalist from the Pallet Enterprise covered macro-economic trends as well as major issues affecting the pallet sector.; PalletTrader Launches as Online Marketplace for Sourcing, Buying and Selling Wooden Pallets: The new online platform brings the ease, simplicity and efficiency of a common e-commerce transaction experience to what has been a fragmented world of suppliers and pallet recyclers.; Recycle Bits: Millwood, Inc. has just acquired its first Texas pallet facility, Austin Pallet Company. Kamps, Inc. has opened a new pallet facility in Bloomfield, Connecticut. A U.S. Department of Labor investigation has recovered $216,674 in unpaid overtime wages. The parent company of CHEP, Brambles, announced sales were up 14% globally over the last quarter.