Federal Investigators Cite California Pallet Company for Overtime, Minor-Aged Employee Violations - Nov 4, 2022 

The government alleges that the company attempted to evade overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Investigators also discovered that the employer allowed minor-aged employees to drive forklifts and operate power-driven woodworking machines illegally, both of which are considered hazardous occupations for minors.; News in Brief: Transportation capacity is growing at a record clip in October. The parent company of CHEP, Brambles, announced sales were up 14% globally over the last quarter. PECO Pallet Inc.has named Lisa Vegso as chief commercial officer. Greenpeace USA has released a report suggesting that no plastics in the United States actually meet the common definition of recyclable. The Hardwood Federation (HF) has suggested that Congress may extend a variety of tax breaks. The United Nations’ (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization has released a report showing that global demand for finished and processed wood products will increase by 37% by 2050.