Best Practices to Reduce Fire Hazards at Pallet Operations - Nov 22, 2022 

It is important that every pallet facility develop a fire plan. Actually, you don’t need one, you need four to cover various areas of fire safety and prevention. Develop a Site Plan, a Fire Prevention Plan, a Fire Emergency Response Plan and a Security Plan.; Study Estimates 1.4 Million Trees Will Be Killed by Invasive Insects: Hotspots identified in the study include New York, Chicago and Milwaukee. These are areas with very high numbers of ash trees and are in the recent or near-future path of the emerald ash borer.; NEWS IN BRIEF: PECO Pallet, Inc. has expanded its network in Ontario by opening a new service depot in Mississauga. Eagle Forest Products announced it is purchasing the lumber manufacturing plant of Family Pallet Lumber company in Tangent, Oregon.