Retail and Transportation Figures Suggest Slower Pallet Demand - Nov 29, 2022 

While the economy is slowing, the exact pace is not yet known. Retail sales, consumer spending and transportation capacity results over the next few months will go a long way in telling us just how deep and long a recessionary environment might last.; Federal Investigation Cites California Pallet Company for Violations: The government alleged that the company’s owner willfully attempted to evade overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Investigators also discovered that the employer allowed minor-aged employees to drive forklifts which is considered hazardous occupations for minors.; Recycle Bits: If you want to find the best equipment and innovations in the industry, check out the new Pallet Enterprise Video Guide. Continuing to grow its network, Kamps, Inc. has acquired Realm Companies LLC. Carolina Handling set the record for creating the world’s largest pallet painting.