Research Studies Impact of Hurricanes on Timberlands - Feb 17, 2023 

After the hurricane, mills were flooded with salvaged pine and hardwood timber — causing timber prices to fall. A year later, when fallen trees were too rotten or damaged to be salvaged, lumber prices rose. With a scarcity of timber in the area, landowners who still had standing trees were able to sell them at higher prices.; Free Copy of 2022 Pallet Industry Wage and HR Survey, Deadline Approaching!: All participants who submit a usable survey will receive a FREE copy of the final report. The only other way to obtain a copy is to pay $695. So, it is well worth your time to complete the survey.; USDA Forest Service Accepting Grant Applications for Wood Innovations and Energy Facilities: Not only are these grants helping support local economies by expanding the potential of wood products and wood energy, they are also helping address critical issues like climate change and forest health.