Supply Chain Survey Highlights Sustainability and Technology Focus - Apr 7, 2023 

Nearly three quarters of supply chain leaders are increasing their supply chain technology and innovation investments. The more you know about supply chain trends, the better you can help your customer select and design the right pallet. Supply chain managers are being pressured to institute greener policies, and sustainability will become a key competitive advantage in the future.; Pallet Foundation and NWPCA Collecting Data for Pallet Market Research Survey: Having real numbers, not just anecdotal data, is helpful as companies make decisions and lawmakers ponder regulations that could affect the industry. This information can be used in its lobbying efforts, such as the designation of the wood pallet sector as critical infrastructure during the pandemic.; NEWS IN BRIEF: Canadian top leaders recently met with President Joe Biden and members of his delegation about a number of key issues.; Profile Regional Lumber Trends: These graphs illustrate the average lumber prices published within each of the U.S. six regions over the past year.