Pallet User Survey Finds Growth in Use of Non-48x40 Pallets - Sep 28, 2023 

Other than the fact that it has become the de facto footprint standard, there is nothing magical about 48x40 pallets. It will be interesting to see how this trend potentially changes over the next year as the shortages endured during the pandemic are transitioning to massive oversupply of 48x40 used pallets this year.; Brambles Announces Future Plans, Works to Improve Asset Utilizations: During the pandemic, CHEP struggled to supply customers as retailers and shippers held onto CHEP pallets due to excess inventories and pallet procurement difficulties. This resulted in less pallets flowing back into the CHEP network, and the company focused on its core customers leaving seasonal clients looking for anything they could find on the open market.; Freight Capacity Concerns Could Arise This Winter: When truck capacity got squeezed during the pandemic, prices skyrocketed leading to new or retired drivers entering the market. Now that the economy is slowing and there is way too much capacity, rates have dropped and so has the growth rate.; Remembering an Industry Veteran: Randy Panko was the face of Wood-Mizer blades to many in the pallet industry. He recently passed away and will be missed by family, friends and colleagues.; White Paper Covers Massive Influx of Cores into Market: The Recycle Record has just published a White Paper titled “Let’s Make a Deal.” This report, included in this issue, covers recent trends as the recycled pallet market has been in a major corrective position over the last several months.