Brambles Leadership Shakeup Signals Concerns for CHEP Recycled Unit - Mar 30, 2017 

The new CEO of Brambles, Graham Chipchase, has announced the streamlining of the organizational structure of its North American business units, including the division formerly known as IFCO.; HR Survey Released: If you participated, you should have already received the finished report by email.; Euro Pallet Dilemma - EPAL Ends Exchange Agreement with UIC: EPAL specifically noted concerns about UIC’s quality assurance and efforts to fight the import of counterfeit UIC/EUR pallets in the European Union.; Axios Declares Bankruptcy: The Axios pallet had gained ground in the egg sector with a major U.S. retailer. But the cost of launching its pool eventually began to eat up available capital.; Second Annual Pallet Palooza Scheduled for 2017: This year they are accepting entry submissions from May 2 through June 30. This year’s PalletPalooza Day is August 12.