Trump Rolls Back Order on OSHA - Apr 6, 2017 

Under Obama, OSHA focused a disproportionate amount of time on enforcement instead of partnering with employers to create safe workplaces.; China Logging Ban Fully Imposed: One of the world’s biggest markets is no longer allowing commercial timber harvesting.; Pallet Foundation Raises Record Sum: Recent auction held at the NWPCA ALC meeting smashed through previous historical records.; PDS Course Offered at Virginia Tech: Learn the fundamentals for both stringer and block pallets on May 2-4, 2017 in Blacksburg, Virginia.; EXPO 2017: Brochure included.; Canadian Market Coverage: First of the month reports on market conditions in Canada.; Participate for a Chance to win a VISA Gift Card: Complete and submit our data form. It's simple!; Quarterly Graph Analysis: The Profile examines regional lumber trends.