Softwood Lumber Negotiations Appear Far from a Deal - Apr 14, 2017 

Trump’s pick for the U.S. Trade Representative spot, Robert Lighthizer, has yet to be approved by the Senate. And he isn’t likely to be in place before the Department of Commerce (DOC) makes its preliminary determination on countervailing duties on April 24th.; Housing Shows Uptick, Some Headwinds Still Remain: Home construction is a huge driver of demand for wood products, and unfortunately, it’s not all good news. Construction of single family homes remains near the recession levels of the early 1980s.; Second Annual Pallet Palooza Scheduled for 2017: This year they are accepting entry submissions from May 2 through June 30. Entry submissions are made on This year’s PalletPalooza Day is August 12. Over $2000 in prize money is available for winning entries in the contest.