White Paper About Pallet Lumber Future - Sep 28, 2017 

This White Paper will explain the conditions that seem to be developing on the lumber market horizon. I am asking for any reader to write us with information that can help us better explain this developing hardwood shortage.; Edwards Wood Products to Develop New Sawmill: This would be a new facility and not an addition to an existing plant. It is expected to create 46 new jobs for the community of Scotland county, North Carolina.; iGPS Logistics Offers New Sanitary Pallet Service: This new service is designed to deliver direct food contact level safety for its pallet customers. iGPS developed this process to improve the safety of food logistics and food-related packaging.; Managed Forests Prevent Fire: California forests need professional management, he added. Small, unhealthy trees must be thinned out in order to leave larger, stronger ones that can thrive and better withstand fire, insects and disease.