Tax Package Presents Mixed Bag to U.S. Businesses - Nov 22, 2017 

President Trump is lobbying to get a tax reform bill through both houses of Congress so that he can sign reform legislation by Christmas. What shakes out of these deliberations could have a major impact on your business and your land holdings in terms of tax implications.; Find Creative Use of Pallets, Support Medical Charity: Berry Pallets has launched a contest to collect pictures of pallet art, pallet furniture and other forms of upcycled pallets. The company is posting these images on its website at; NEWS IN BRIEF: U.S. forest products company Potlatch announced it will buy Deltic Timber. NWPCA Plans Reception at EXPO Richmond 2018. A new whiskey barrel factory is scheduled to begin construction in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia in early 2018. PalletOne, America’s largest new pallet manufacturer, recently announced the purchase of North East Texas Pallet, a pallet manufacturer located in Clarksville, Texas.