Things to Think About – WPA Recap, Part III - Feb 9, 2018 

Publisher Chaille Brindley focuses on “Stranger Things – Five Key Trends that Will Change Everything in the Pallet Industry” and the presentation by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) on its new outdoor storage best practices standard.; CHEP Partners with Grimmway Farms, Explores Benefits of Pooling: The pallet rental and pooling giant is targeting the North American agricultural market and recently focused on its long-term collaboration with Grimmway Farms, a major grower of carrots on the West Coast.; NEWS IN BRIEF: Investigators in Midland, Texas, believe that a second fire started on a pile of pallets likely was caused by arson. A New York company plans to put up an 11-story wooden building on a site it is redeveloping in Newark, New Jersey. A Canadian lumber company executive is urging the government not to give in to the lengthy battle with the U.S. over softwood lumber exports. The Colorado Department of Transportation is researching the use of wood material that would be scattered on icy roads to make driving safer. Oklahoma-based Greystone Logistics, which manufactures plastic pallets, saw sales increase 6% to $9.7 million for the three months ending in November. The driver of a van in the town of Paterna, Spain, was caught on video driving around with 20 pallets stacked on the roof of the vehicle.