State of the Recycling Sector – Part I. Industry Conference Seeks Answers Amidst the Mayhem - Apr 26, 2018 

The good news for recyclers is that some pallet users are looking to recycled pallets to solve the supply problem. The bad news – there aren’t enough high quality recycled pallets to go around. There is plenty of junk on the market, and it costs too much in terms of labor to process it for producing combo pallets.; Multiple Factors Contributing to Pallet Nail Market Stress, Price Increases: There are several reasons for price increases such as freight increases, growth for construction nails, wire rod price escalation, reduction in capacity from foreign mills, trade duties and tariffs, U.S. dollar weakening, and general improved economic activity.; Landfill Survey Indicates Positive Pallet Disposal Trends: According to the survey, the number of wood pallets heading into landfills had dropped drastically since 1998. Only 25.39 million wooden pallets were landfilled in MSW and C&D landfills in 2016 compared to 178.5 million landfilled in 1998. That’s a huge drop due to the growth of the recycling market as well as the use of recycled lumber and combo pallets.