Industry Votes to Approve Continuation of Softwood Lumber Board - Jun 1, 2018 

Industry Votes to Approve Continuation of Softwood Lumber Board: Known as the SLB, this industry market promotion program is funded by domestic softwood manufacturers and importers of softwood lumber. The SLB has pushed for mass timber and other new uses of softwood.; NWPCA Offers Fire Code Training: The webinar offers information on the fire codes, best practices, tips to evaluate your current procedures and a Q&A session.; Summer Heat Exposure Tips: Companies must provide workers with water, rest and shade. Also, new or returning workers must be granted a workload and more frequent breaks to allow them to acclimatize or build a tolerance for working in the heat.; Updated One-Pager Whitepaper: Our staff has removed a confusing graphic and replaced it with the latest hardwood cant composite showing the skyrocketing prices from June 2017 to June 2018.; Auction: FORMERLY DONALD L. SHIREY LUMBER SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH 2018 10:00 AM EST LUMBER ROAD NEW BETHLEHEM, PA 16242