US and Chinese Governments Agree to Break in Trade Fight Escalation - Dec 7, 2018 

During a recent G-20 summit, both sides agreed to delay tariff rate escalations that had been planned for January 2019. This pause will allow time for further trade negotiations; Alleged Scammer Hits Pallet Industry: If a new customer calls out of the blue and is willing to pay via credit card, you may not be guaranteed payment, especially if the card is fraudulent or stolen. Sales representatives, need to be careful because pallet fraud can be hard to prove and difficult to prosecute.; UK Ban Could Impact CLT: The new policy prohibits combustible materials on the external walls of any new buildings taller than 18 meters, which is about 59 feet or five stories. It notes that engineered timber falls within the scope of the new policy.; Pallet Profile Holiday Schedule: Pallet Profile will not be published December 28, 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our readers!