House Approves Farm Bill, Includes Pro Forest Products Provisions - Dec 14, 2018 

The legislation goes to President Trump for his signature, and industry groups are optimistic that he will sign it. The bill includes language positively impacting issues of significant importance to the forest products industry.; Bid Proposal Strategies – Devil Is in the Details: One way to protect yourself is to put language in any bid that can shield you from unforeseen changes to any part of the process that adds costs. As the New Year rolls around, now is a good time to evaluate your contracts and bid practices.; News in Brief: A small newspaper in Ohio is seeking assistance to identify local pallet thieves. U.S. Department of Transportation recently increased fines across the board for violations of federal trucking regulations.; Profile Seeks Input on Softwood Report Additions: We still need your feedback to help us know exactly what we should track and how we should report it. You will find a simple five-question survey in this issue.