Lumber Futures Are Bad Measuring Stick for Pallet Material - Jan 11, 2019 

The simple fact is that there can be a vast difference between the two lumber markets. They respond to various factors. For example, the softwood market has been hit somewhat by tariffs on Canadian lumber while the hardwood export market is tied up in the trade battle with China.; Conner Industries to Open New Facility in Tennessee: If you are considering launching a new facility or purchasing a parcel of land, the first consideration is where your customers are located and where they are likely to expand in the next 5-10 years. Location can be everything.; News in Brief: OSHA may use drones to gather evidence related to workplace safety inspections. Idaho and the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed a new agreement to improve forest health conditions across the state. Central Packaging and Crating Inc. is investing $6 million in an expansion of its Greenwood County, S.C. facility. Well-known manufacturer of plastic pallets, Rehrig Pacific has developed a new FM approved fire-retardant pallet designed to be extremely durable. Georgia-Pacific recently began production at its newest facility, which is located in Talladega, Alabama.