WTO Panel Issues Decision in Softwood Lumber Dispute Methodology - Apr 12, 2019 

The WTO dispute settlement panel issued a split decision, but the biggest win went to the United States, as the panel upheld the use of a controversial anti-dumping calculation method called “zeroing."; Debate Continues in Washington as Some States and D.C. Raise Their Base Wages: The legislation, if passed, would gradually raise the federal minimum hourly wage from $7.25 to $15 through 2024, and the bill would also do away with special “sub-minimum” pay.; News Briefs: A Guinness World Record for pallet dominoes was set last week in Yakima, Washington. British Columbia’s Forests Minister Doug Donaldson has announced an investment of $7.9 million by B.C. and the federal government in Canada. East Texas is now being called the nation’s “wood basket,” because of the abundance of tall southern yellow pine planted on private land.