U.S. China Trade Dispute Heats Up - May 10, 2019 

The Trump administration has confirmed that existing tariffs will jump from 10% to 25%. China indicated later this week that it will respond with tariff increases of its own. These are expected to impact U.S. hardwood exports, which could further depress demand and cause economic hardships for the U.S. hardwood sector.; Forest Product Association Seeks New Truck Weight Limits: AFPA contends that its proposal is safer than what is currently on interstates while taking into account growing truck traffic and industry needs.; Keep Employees Safe When They Must Work in Hot Conditions: Thousands of workers in the U.S. die or become ill from working in extreme heat or humid conditions each year.; News Briefs: The U.S. Forest Service is proceeding with its plans to sell 225 million board feet of old growth timber in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. The American Forest & Paper Association (AFPA) issued a press release on Earth Day.