Is It Time to Revisit Pallet Standards? Recycler Highlights Creative Cores - Nov 24, 2020 

Increasingly, we are hearing from recyclers about creative cores that are coming into their shop. We define a creative core as a pallet that lacks critical components, one that surprisingly held a load but most recyclers wouldn’t want their name associated with. Andy Archer of Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crate recently submitted pictures of creative cores.; CHEP Offers Higher ARP to Small Recyclers: This fall, CHEP has offered smaller recyclers across the country a higher rate than what has been offered last year to pallet recyclers.; Recycle Bits: The NWPCA has worked with the ALSC to change existing requirements on mark obliteration for pallet recyclers. OSHA has issued guidelines for improving workplace ventilation. The Pallet Foundationjust completed a rebrand initiative that coincides with the launch of a new logo and website. According to the latest figures October’s shipping volumes surpassed year-ago levels.