Survey Spotlights Vaccine Mandate Disruptions and Strategies - Nov 29, 2021 

A survey of 39 major pallet companies in the United States (both manufacturers and recyclers) concluded that a majority could lose at least 25% of their workforce if a vaccine mandate were imposed. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a temporary stay of the OSHA vaccine/testing/masking ETS. But this temporary injunction could be lifted by the Sixth Circuit where all the various cases are being consolidated.; Higher Diesel Prices Expected Through End of Year, Improvement Likely in 2022: What’s behind higher fuel prices? Since the third quarter of 2020, global consumption of crude oil and petroleum products has increased faster than production, which has caused lower inventory levels and higher crude oil prices.; Is It Time to Talk Green? CHEP Highlights Sustainability Focus: Is it time for more recyclers to add sustainability to their sales discussions? Some pallet providers do talk about their green credentials. But most do it as an afterthought.