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PALLET PROFILE is the only market report and weekly newsletter dedicated to the wooden pallet and low grade hardwood lumber industries. The Pallet Profile Weekly tracks lumber and pallet prices across North America. Data is reported for 27 Hardwood regions, 3 West Coast regions, and 6 Canadian regions. After viewing the selected excerpts below and downloading a real copy of the Profile, we are sure you will want to subscribe today. To subscribe, complete the online order form or call 804-550-0323 and ask for Rick Henretty.

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The Pallet Profile covers the pallet and low grade lumber industries with in-depth analysis of business issues and news. Nobody else covers the industry like we do. Here is just a sample of the kind of topics routinely covered in the pages of the Pallet Profile:

  • Raw material prices and market changes
  • Economic issues that impact the timber industry
  • International phytosanitary standards and pallet trade issues
  • Environmental regulations, timber supply and forest health
  • OSHA, health and safety concerns
  • Plant closings and openings
  • Pallet employee and labor issues
  • Softwood lumber tariffs and trade
  • Pallet rental developments
  • RFID and pallet user trends
  • Trucking and transportation
  • Industry lawsuits and legal precedent
  • Small business laws and issues
  • Supplier developments and major technology issues
  • International timber industry trends and issues

The Pallet Profile staff stays on top of the news so that you dont have to. Pallet Profile is the first-read for top pallet and low grade lumber industry professionals.

Industry professionals use information from the Pallet Profile to educate themselves and customers about pallet prices and lumber market developments. It has become a credible source of third party information for many pallet and lumber companies alike.